Review on WWE Network

Hello wrestling fans! This is my first official blog on here so here goes.Tonight, I will be blogging about the most amazing network that wrestling fans have been talking about since it start broadcasting on March 24 of this year. It’s the WWE Network the network and it has all the old pay-per-views, replays of both Raw and Smackdown 30 days after it airs on tv, original programming, and old WWE, (formerly WWF) ECW, and WCW pay-per-views from the past years and you also get all 12 pay pre views live on the network. It’s an amazing network which is only $9.99 a month with a 6 month commitment. It’s a great deal for all wrestling fans. Also the picture of the stream and on demand content is amazing and clear. So I would say if your a wrestling fan go to WWE.COM, sign up, and order the WWE Network for the most amazing content and wrestling experience! 20140527-194709-71229857.jpg


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